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Why TableRunner is the Freshest Meal

It's not just simply starting with the freshest ingredients. We are obsessed with the fresh life, not shelf life, of every meal. We focus on fresh life because we believe that every meal needs to maintain its peak nutrition and optimal freshness until it is enjoyed.

The seal below represents our commitment to the gold standard of freshness and can be found on every meal.

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Prepared Fresh

Fresh starts with using only real ingredients in every meal we craft. We use only locally sourced produce and antibiotic free protiens.

Our chefs then hand prepare each meal, allowing the simple ingredients to naturally arrive at its complex flavors and peak nutrition.

Spaghetti with Italian Meatballs


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Clean ingredients label.
Your Grocery Store Deli
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Dirty ingredients label filled with artificial enhancers and preservatives.

Sealed Fresh

Once oxygen interacts with any freshly prepared meal, the meal starts to spoil. Immediately after a meal is hand plated, we seal it with our Freshness Seal™.

Our Freshess Seal™ locks freshness in and maintain optimal nutrition without preservatives by expelling 99.5% of the oxygen inside.

Freshness Seal™ Technology


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Delivered Fresh

To ensure food safety, every meal is prepared and sealed in our USDA Certified kitchen. After a meal a sealed, it is kept between 35°F and 39°F.

We ship all our meals in a cooler engineered to keep your meals safe and under 40°F on the day of delivery.

Cold Chain Compliance


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Direct to Your Home

Typical grocery store prepared meals are manufactured to solve for a 21 - 30 day shelf life due to their food distribution systems.

By shipping directly to your home, we can think differently and focus on naturally preserving freshness. Instead of shelf life, we enable fresh life.

Once sealed with our Freshness Seal™, we guarantee the Fresh Life™ of our meals for 10 days. We deliver directly to your home within 1 to 3 days after a meal is hand plated and sealed.

Direct to Your Home


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