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$15 per meal for all membership plans
No Commitments - skip or cancel anytime.

"We are passionate about fresh so our members can feel their very best, everyday!"

Ryan Tu, Founder

Eat Fresh

We believe that the freshest meals nourish your body because they are at peak nutrition. The freshest meals start with fresh ingredients with no antibiotics. But it does not end there...

Eat Clean

We do not use preservatives. Oxygen destroys freshness. Through our Freshness Seal™ technology, every meal contains less than 1% oxygen inside. That is how we seal freshness in.

Feel Great

...because there is nothing artificial in our meals! Feel great because our food is safe. From our kitchen to your home, meals are kept under 40°F. Feel great because we believe in sustainability.

How TableRunner Works

New Menu Sundays

Every Sunday our menu refreshes with new meal items to select from. We give you a full week to personalize your box. By planning ahead, you help us eliminate food waste and preserve our environment.

Made Fresh to Order

It takes us a full week to freshly source the ingredients for your order. Our chefs then handcraft and plate each meal to ensure quality. Each meal is immediately sealed for freshness and ready to be delivered.

Home Delivery

Every Tuesday, your TableRunner meals are delivered to your home in a refrigerated cooler that ensures freshness at sub 40°F. Unbox and refrigerate your meals.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Every Meal

If you did not like a meal
we will credit your account with a free meal credit.

"great for expecting moms"

"TableRunner is great for expecting moms like myself. I know I'm eating right for myself and my baby. Worth every penny!"


Patricia A.
Walnut Creek, CA

Why TableRunner is the Freshest Meal

It's not just simply starting with the freshest ingredients. We are obsessed with the fresh life,

The seal below represents our commitment to the gold standard of freshness and can be found on every meal.

Badge fresh

Prepared Fresh

Fresh starts with using only real ingredients in every meal we craft. We use only locally sourced produce and antibiotic free protiens.

Our chefs then hand prepare each meal, allowing the simple ingredients to naturally arrive at its complex flavors and peak nutrition.

Sealed Fresh

Once oxygen interacts with any freshly prepared meal, the meal starts to spoil. Immediately after a meal is hand plated, we seal it with our Freshness Seal™.

Our Freshess Seal™ locks freshness in and maintain optimal nutrition without preservatives by expelling 99.5% of the oxygen inside.

Delivered Fresh

To ensure food safety, every meal is prepared and sealed in our kitchen. After a meal is sealed, it is kept between 35°F and 39°F.

We ship all our meals in a cooler engineered to keep your meals safe and under 40°F on the day of delivery.

Spaghetti with Italian Meatballs


Your Grocery Store Deli
Label tr
Clean ingredients label.
Label store
Dirty ingredients label filled with artificial enhancers and preservatives.

Our promise to you... every TableRunner meal is
made honest.
No Preservatives.    No Antibiotics.    Nothing Artificial.

Honestly Fresh

No Antibiotics
Real Ingredients
Freshly Sourced

Honestly Clean

No Preservatives
Peak Nutrition
Freshness Sealed In

Honestly Safe

Nothing Artificial
Meals Stay Under 40°F

Honestly Sustainable

Three reasons to feel great eating with TableRunner.

Badge renew

Zero Carbon

All our meals are made with 100% renewable energy. Our entire business and kitchen operations are powered by 100,00 square feet of solar panels.

Badge waste

Zero Food

We strongly believe in being responsible corporate citizens. Our made-to-order process enables us to be a better and more efficient business.

Badge recycle


All of our packaging are either recyclable or compostable. The box and insulation are recyclable. The ice packs are water soluble and environmentally safe. The meal packages are compostable.

"delicious goodness!"

"I think the best part about Tablerunner is knowing that you have tasty, fresh, healthy, already prepared food waiting for you at home after a day of work. It takes so much stress out of the evening and gives me more time back in my busy life."

Courtney H.
Sunnyvale, CA