Renewable Energy.    Recyclable Packaging.    Zero Food Waste.

A meal delivery service that is just as good for our planet as it is for you!

100% Renewable Energy

All TableRunner meals are made with 100% renewable solar energy. Our kitchen and corporate offices are both completely solar-powered.

100 kw saved per meal

Recyclable Packaging

All contents included in our box are 100% recyclable and/or biodegradeable.
1. Meal Trays - Compostable
2. Wax Paper Sheets - Discard in recycling bin
3. Plant-based Liners - Dissolve under water
4. Ice Packs - Thaw and drain
5. Box - Cut into pieces and discard

Climate Protection

Ingredients are sourced locally and meals are delivered via parcel service in order to limit the amount of carbon emissions into the earth’s atmosphere.

100 carbon saved per meal

Zero Food Waste

Your meals are always made to order. In addition to fresher meals, we prepare only the amount of meals needed to satisfy our total weekly orders.